Automatic press brakes automation technologies laser

The Antil automated warehouses are the natural complement of the interlocking systems for automatic press brake, laser cutting, automation technologies laser and punching machines. They allow you to multiply the efficiency of production facilities, reduce the processing times of the individual project and optimize the use of production space.

Multiply the production efficiency: the sheets warehouse and worked pieces automation technologies laser allow to extend the daily active time of the connected equipment. In cases where the production plant is not already active 24 hours a day, the automatic press brakes, periodically fueling loading-unloading systems according to the needs of the production plan, ensures continuity in the unattended work of the machine.

Antil makes available to its customers warehouses of varied capacity, starting from the single tower integrated with the loading-unloading system, to the automatic press brakes with traslo-elevator where they can manage several thousand tons of sheet packs.

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