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The Company and its history

Antil was founded in 1989 by a group of engineers working in different industries and immediately presents itself as interlocutor with high technology level to innovate the production processes of small and medium-sized enterprises.

In the early years, many systems have been designed and built with highly innovative and great ease of use in different production fields. Antil products are immediately appreciated for their ability to successfully adapt to the needs of the customer.
Therefore, control machines were manufactured in the shock preventing production field, robots for the application of plasma linings, robots for the on site application of liquid polyurethane seals, manipulators for the positioning of drilling, thread cutting and auto feed screwing units, pallet transport shuttles in cold stores, pallet units with 24 metre feed, and so on.

In 1995 the sheet bending is approached, identifying various solutions for automated bending and loading-unloading cutting machines: the novelty of the solutions allows the filing of several patents that give way to the development of a production activity of these dedicated robots.

Together with the construction activities of special machines, grows, therefore, the number of machines specially designed for sheet bending: the strong technological background that Antil owns generates the continuous products upgrade in this sector.

More recently, customer demands have encouraged Antil to create sheet automated warehouses: these applications collect the same great success as the other lines of machines.

What has allowed us to develop all our products is the strong ability to use and integrate various technical disciplines to build simple machines corresponding to the demands of different applications.

Over the years it has also developed the activity of customer service in the pre and post-sales, which initially provides the technical support required for the best definition of the customer needs and then assist him during the whole life cycle of the plant.

Latest addition is the Shaving’s Removal and Special Machines Division. This new unit, whose mission is to apply to a new industrial sector the potential of Antil, already widely developed in the field of deformation. With this new structure Antil also wants to re-launch the applications of special systems dedicated to specific applications that during the first period of the company development represented the real “core business”.

Our first task is to listen and understand the direction the customer wants to take and our greatest satisfaction originates from being able to bend the technology to his needs: more than six hundred machines built and installed following this approach are the best sign of the positivity of this setting.