Vertical Warehouses for tubes, bars and small components

magazzino tubi

The Antil vertical warehouse systems for tubes and bars have been developed thanks to years of experience in the design and construction of high density warehouses for sheet. They inherit from these, from the point of view of construction, the earthquake-proof mechanical design, the self-aligning lifting devices and the management and interfacing software with computer systems of the customer’s factory. The standard of the load units have been redefined to adapt the new warehouses to the management of different types of material to be stored, achieving a further significant reduction of installation footprints.

From the point of view of the advantages provided, first we remark:

  • The drastic reduction of encumbrance
  • The ensured traceability for all materials included
  • Safety in storage of materials including full records of all withdrawals
  • The real time control of the stock, with the possibility of data analysis and statistics.

The range of options available for sheet warehouses is also available for these models (control by GSM network or the Internet, video surveillance, remote assistance, introduction product codes via bar-code reader, diversified and customizable password, etc), to optimize the warehouse according to the specific needs of the customer for the maximum integration with his production system.