Polishing Machine


AG6 is a robotized cell dedicated to to stainless steel surface finish and cleaning of welding seams. This machine allows you to perform surface finishing operations in fully automatic mode, after the placing of the workpiece in the machine by the operator, via a quick coupling with pneumatic clamping and pedal control.

AG6 was developed by Antil to meet the needs of aesthetic finish that sometimes our customers face especially in the production of stainless steel products and in particular in the field of construction of quality cooker hoods.

The cell allows to obtain fully finished pieces for machining on 5 of the 6 faces of the workpiece, and in some cases also on the sixth.

To achieve this result, the cell has 6 controlled axes divided between two locations: the first is the piece table, the second is the robot which move the tool. All axes are working in a coordinated manner in order to perform the necessary work.

The rotating tool, through a system of self-compensation, allows a constant pressure independently of the consumption of the same tool, whose approaching to the piece is controlled in real time and constantly maintained correctly.

On the spindle you can mount different types of tools with different features, such as a brush for removing the welding seam on the edges and a brush with suitable material to silking, of various diameters and lengths.

The AG6 dedicated software allows through some preset macro-specific functions to program in a very short time the finish of the piece  which can present both flat and curved surfaces.

AG6 is completely enclosed on all sides with windows to view the process from the outside. The supply and evacuation of the piece takes place on the front, the latter is protected by a folding fast door governed by the robot at the beginning (cycle end) and by the operator at the closing (cycle start).