Straightening machines for tubes and bars



Designed to solve a problem of manufacturing of one of our customers, these machines are of interest to a growing number of companies that have to face the problem of straightness of workpiece materials.

Whether it is of hardened bars to be grinded rather than bars of raw material for turning, the straightness is a decisive factor in the production cycle often underestimated.

In the case of grinding, be able to obtain a bar with straightness including in some hundredth, allows to remove a lesser amount of metal, obtaining a product with improved hardness and lower consumption of the grinding wheel. Higher performance with lower costs!

In the case of turning, the proper straightness of the bar reduces the vibrations in the machine, allows the increase of processing speed coming to improve the surface finish by reducing the consumption of the tools: so also in this case: higher performance with lower costs!

Antil straightening machines can be configured according to the particular needs of customers. The straightening of shafts of different materials with diameters up to 150 mm and lengths up to 6 meters has already been faced up and successfully obtained. More specific requirements can be analyzed and resolved through the collaboration between the customer and the Antil staff dedicated to this sector.