Loading-Unloading Systems

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The activity of Antil in the field of Loading-Unloading Machines dates back to the early 90’s. The problem of being able to use the machines automatically and continuously always been of great interest, but only in the last decade have been completely torn down the barriers respect to the real possibility of ensuring continuity and reliability in the unattended automatic processing.

The economic return of such systems is often not properly valued until you decide about their adoption: the experience of our customers allows us to say that between all the automation systems available on the market, these types of automation allow the return of the investment in the shortest possible time.

For each phase of the loading-unloading operation have been developed all appropriate checks to ensure the proper operation of every single machine.

The remote control, the remote installation of alarms on GSM network and, more recently, the remote video surveillance by internet allowed us to satisfy every kind of requirement in compliance with the working’s safety of unmanned plants.

Today, the Antil Loading-Unloading Systems offer is mainly oriented to the laser cutting machines: with ACS we have a wide range of proposals concerning the loading and unloading of whole sheets of any format and with ASPS we can also separate cut pieces, divide them and tidily stacking them in according with the production requirements of the customer.

The line of products called ACSP allows to automate punching or combined cutting machines: we have low invasiveness systems which ensure, even in this case, the continuity of unattended operations for different types of machines.