1T 2T Single or double tower warehouses with elevator


The single or double tower warehouses represent a “basic cell” of more complex systems to begin to automate the management of the raw material and the semifinished product in the production cycle of one or at most two laser cutting machines.
The towers can hospitalize some tens of drawers, dependent on the height available in the shed and the height of the stack of sheets or materials that you need to store, they are equipped with an elevator which allows the movement of the drawers that host the sheet metal between all their different positions. Warehouses of this type allow to give shelter, approximately, from 500 to 2500 tons of sheet.

In the case of possible future expansion, the elevator may be replaced with a traslo-elevator that allows the enslavement of more than two towers, which are mounted in line with those already installed. If there is the possibility of an expansion of the warehouse, the study of the layout and the arrangement of the floor are of fundamental importance to establish immediately the correct placement of the towers and machines enslaved: our staff is available to evaluate and propose all the different possible solutions.
The single or double tower warehouses can be interfaced with any Antil loading-unloading system, to create the solution that most fits your production and logistic needs.

Warehouses models are suitable for sheets of different format, comprising several sub-formats: the maximum weight of the packs of sheet varies depending on the models.