ACS-S Warehouses with integrated loading-unloading system

It is a system that integrates the function of warehouse with that of enslavement of loading-unloading for laser cutting machines: it receives stacks of virgin sheets placed on loading drawers and give shelter to the sheet cut by the laser on the unloading drawers. The capacity in number of drawers is variable, dependent on the height available in the shed and the height of the stack of sheets you need to store. Approximately, we can consider that the warehouse provides stacks of sheet by 90 mm in height in different formats, if necessary placed on wooden pallet, and the related unloading drawers to deposit the cut material: on the ACS-S is defined the job-list of the cut plans to be made and the warehouse provides to power the machine and the evacuation of the cut until the completion of the list in a fully automatic way. There are Different warehouses models suitable for sheets of different format, including also several sub-formats: the maximum weight of the sheet pack and the maximum thickness of the single sheets may vary and it is reported in the technical data.

ACS -S represents the first step to begin to automate the management of the raw material and the semifinished product in the production cycle of a single laser cutting machine. It is suitable for increasing the availability of the cutting machine to which it is subservient to ensure its unattended use with an autonomy of up to several tens of hours, particularly appreciated for the operation during the night and during the stops of the weekend.

Do not underestimate the reduced use of space, thanks to the warehouse developed above the outside table of the cutting machine. The great increase in the availability joint to the extraordinary compactness is possible by the integration of a loading-unloading system and an elevator for the movement of the drawers. So the plant allows to manage a job-list that sequentially puts into production different combinations of materials and cutting planes (job).

The integration of the loading-unloading system with the elevator penalizes the speed of sheet changing, which, however, is performed during the operation of the cutting machine. This type of warehouses is particularly suitable when the sheet’s cutting time is not very short: in this case the most suitable automation is given by the combination of ACS loading-unloading systems connecetd to single or double tower warehous, described in the relating sections.

Here are the technical specifications of different ACS-S models.