Technical Support

For those who using production machines can rely on a Technical Assistance Service, which will hopefully never needed, is fundamental. Antil, realizing this need, provides a team of technicians with different specialties who has all the answers to any requirement, since the call to a possible intervention. The machines have, however, a scheduled maintenance system which allow to prevent any kind of anomaly, requiring a series of preventive maintenances in order to maintain the optimum state of maintenance. So interventions are reduced to only extraordinary events.

Antil technical service plays a key role especially for the line of bending robot.
This line of products was born in 1995, and had its natural evolution, with continuous increases in performance and dedicated functions, gaining an enviable image:

One of the reasons of its success is the implementation of the Technical Assistance, which accompanies the customer in understanding the potential of the robot and its use. Our technicians become veritable tutor of the Customer, starting from the programming course during the installation. The programming on the bending robot has been designed to be affordable for any operator, but you still need a specific training, which is the task of the Technical Assistance Service. Like all technologies, also the automatic bending has its secrets and its rules which must be understood in order to successfully use the bending cell formed by robot and press. The Technical Assistance accompanies the customer in discovering the added value that makes all the difference, allowing flexibility and reliability to the customer production.